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Acton Construction pivots to meet demand for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

When iMarc started working with Acton Construction in April 2015, they were struggling with lead quality in a highly competitive market and wanted to increase their brand awareness in target neighborhoods throughout Silicon Valley, from Menlo Park to San Jose.


iMarc started working with Acton Construction to position and rebrand their company. By December 2015, the Campbell, CA-based design-build firm, started attracting ideal clients in the target area of Palo Alto. Leads started to double with a consistent, monthly 35-38% conversion rate. Results were attributed to an integrated marketing plan and heavy investment in SEO, proving the value of organic search.


In 2018, Acton started exploring a new direction for the company focused on the growing Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) market. In April 2019, they changed their name to Acton ADU and began building a dynamo in-house marketing department to further grow their business. In June, iMarc parted ways with Acton ADU, thankful to have been part of their success, evolution, and growth.



Portfolio of Work

We are in your debt for all you've done for us. Thank you for the years of fantastic service and for all the results you've achieved for us.  Wow - it's been a long time.  We were NOWHERE when you joined the team. 


—Stan Acton

Working with you has been fantastic and I'm so glad you were involved to see us grow into the marketing department we are today. I really appreciate your work and look forward to connecting again sometime in the future!

—James Parks

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