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Our promise to you is to grow your business through personalized service and unwavering dedication.
What we do


We help values-based remodeling and construction companies achieve sustainable growth through repeatable, ethical, and responsible marketing best practices.


What we strive for


We see a world where remodeling and construction companies lead and operate from a place of authenticity to create extraordinary design and construction experiences for their clients and staff—and where marketing best practices align with all aspects of their business resulting in a powerful and distinctive brand identity.

What we stand for


Integrity: We stand up for what is right, even if we are standing alone, treating everyone with respect, honesty and fairness.


Excellence: Our products and services are “world-class” in terms of value received for dollar paid. We deliver above and beyond our customers’ expectations, strive for continuous improvement, and respond vigorously to change. Each of us is responsible for being excellent at whatever we do.


Responsiveness: We are committed, punctual, precise, and responsive. We are pushed beyond the boundaries of our jobs, inspired to achieve extraordinary results. Everyone is continuously motivated to ask, “What else can I do?” until the desired results are achieved.


Leadership: We hire innovative thinkers, invest in their growth, and promote an environment that is safe for employees to experiment and try new ideas. We each lead through our competence, creativity, and teamwork.


Our Day-to-Day Environment: We come to work rejuvenated, happy and excited; putting our families and loved ones above all else. We are reminded not to take ourselves too seriously and mix in a healthy dose of humor each day.


Diversity: We are thoroughly grounded in racial, cultural, and gender sensitivity. We choose to communicate with customers and prospects in culturally relevant and inclusive ways—by speaking their language. We embrace cultural differences in all aspects of our clients’ marketing strategies.


Community: We are a culture of philanthropy that is authentic in our intentions of building long-lasting relationships, solving problems, and educating our community.


Healthy Partnerships: Our vendor/supplier relationships are essential to our success. We owe our partners the same respect, excellence, responsiveness, leadership, and sensitivity that we show to our customers. On the flip side, we expect our partners to share the same Values so, together, we can create exceptional customer experiences.

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