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Blackline Renovations effectively leverages SEO to hit year-end sales goals

In December 2018, Blackline Renovations reached out to iMarc after being referred from Jill Miller through Remodelers Advantage. Blackline was spending 6% of its budget on marketing without hitting their sales goals or maintaining a healthy pipeline of quality leads. The firm had also experienced a drop-off in clients moving from design to construction contracts. As such, Blackline Renovations was interested in iMarc coming in to evaluate its marketing, sales and operations.


iMarc worked with Blackline Renovations to impact their sales and marketing results by identifying their unique differentiation, and then focusing their marketing messaging on a clearly defined target audience. After successfully developing a positioning strategy, iMarc built Blackline Renovations a new website, and implemented a marketing strategy that was designed to fit their budget.


To date, Blackline Renovations has chosen a more conservative marketing program, focused solely on online SEO efforts to drive conversions, but plans to integrate the rest of iMarc’s tactical integrated marketing plan recommendations in the near future. 



Portfolio of Work

“Prior to contacting iMarc, I had worked with three other marketing firms. Some were better than others but none really improved our business. Now that I have been working with iMarc for over a year, I have seen a noticeable increase in SEO and client contacts. The improvement has been consistent. They took the time to get to know our business and tailor a marketing solution to fit our needs and budget. iMarc truly cares about improving our business in more ways than one.”



– Chris Black, Owner Blackline Renovations

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