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Design Remodel

Sweeney paves the way for retirement and the company’s future growth


In August 2018, Sweeney Construction (now Sweeney Design Remodel) turned to iMarc after being referred from Jill Miller through Remodelers Advantage. At the time, Sweeney had been using a marketing firm that was slow to deliver a structured, integrated marketing plan that effectively generated quality leads for the company and drove sales growth. 


Founded in 1954, the principal owners of this family-owned business were also discussing plans to retire. They wanted to set the company up for success so that their deeply rooted values and remodeling best practices would be engrained in the company and sustain its growth for many years to come—long after the principals retired.


In 2019, we intentionally developed a positioning strategy that was built on repeatable, ethical, and responsible marketing best practices—starting with a clear sense of purpose, set of values, and unique value proposition. This foundation was designed purposely to align the company’s unique differentiation with an ideal client profile. The website was thus designed intentionally to attract their ideal clients and has been optimized using SEO best practices to drive conversions. 


Over the past couple of years, we have deliberately tracked leads, tried new tactics, and learned from our efforts to adjust to the changing environment. We continue to work collaboratively together to measure and analyze results, make calculated adjustments, and grow Sweeney Design Remodel thoughtfully and intentionally. 



A Timeline of Sweeney Marketing Successes


2018— iMarc starts working with Sweeney Construction in August 

2018— iMarc starts marketing plan development and rebranding in December

2019—  Sweeney achieves near 100% conversion from appointment to design contracts within 6 months of implementation

2019—  Sweeney exceeds $3.0M sales goal 

2020—  Sweeney achieves $3.7M sales goal

2021— Sweeney is on target to exceed $4.1M sales goal with a steady volume of quality leads



Portfolio of Work

Coming soon.


— Sweeney Design Remodel

Before and After
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