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Design Build

Progressive Design Build leverages differentiation
to sustain growth in a challenging snowbird market.


In May 2016, Progressive Builders (now Progressive Design Build) turned to iMarc after being referred from Steve Ramaekers at MainStreet Design Build through Remodelers Advantage. At the time, Progressive had been using a marketing firm that was slow to deliver a structured, integrated marketing plan that effectively generated quality leads for the company and drove sales growth. They also struggled to maintain steady lead volume throughout the year due to its challenging snowbird market. The company had just spent a sizeable amount of money on a new website that was co-dependent upon Google Ads to drive traffic to it— the site was not designed to achieve optimal organic search results. As a result, they were spending a lot on marketing and advertising.


Coupled with a location change and rebranding effort, iMarc worked with Progressive Builders to significantly impact their sales and marketing results by identifying their unique differentiation and then focusing their marketing messaging on a clearly defined target audience. After successful rebranding efforts, iMarc built Progressive Design Build a new site, and implemented a marketing strategy that was designed to fit their budget.


Over the years, we have deliberately tracked leads, tried new tactics, and learned from our efforts to adjust to the changing environment. We continue to work collaboratively together to measure and analyze results, make calculated adjustments, and grow Progressive Design Build thoughtfully and intentionally. 


A Timeline of Progressive Marketing Successes

2016— iMarc starts working with Progressive Builders in May

2016— iMarc starts marketing plan development and branding initiative in August

2017— Progressive Design Build achieves $2.0M sales goal

2018— Progressive Design Build exceeds $2.5M sales goal

2019— Progressive Design Build achieves $3.5M sales goal

2020— Progressive Design Build exceeds $3.6M sales goal

2021—Progressive Design Build is on target to exceed $4.0M sales goal

Portfolio of Work

Coming soon.


— Progressive Design Build

Before and After
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