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Lauri Shoemake
Lauri Shoemake,
Marketing Strategist

iMarc Consulting started in 2011, when the passions of a B2B/B2C marketing professional turned her attention to the remodeling/construction industry.  With a not-so-secret obsession with home remodeling and interior design, Lauri's life’s work in marketing suddenly finally found its way home. She discovered several hard-working, customer-centric business owners around the country who were struggling with marketing to effectively grow their remodeling or construction business.


Her excitement and enthusiasm revolve around developing a self-sustaining marketing strategy for business owners that starts with their Mission, Vision, Values and Culture—discovering who they are, what they do and why they do it.


Now, iMarc has steadfast loyalty and an unwavering commitment to growing your business, which involves handling the heavy lifting of marketing—strategy, planning, management, creative, talent, and more—and integrating everything seamlessly for you.


Take comfort in partnering with a marketing consultant who has followed her passion by combining her love for interior design/remodeling with 30+ years of experience as a marketing professional. You benefit from both. 

Follow @imarc_llc on Twitter, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Kathi Mus
Kathi Mus,
Social Media Project Manager

Kathi's career started in Advertising and Marketing working as an account manager/assistant media buyer managing several client programs for Carol Merry Marketing Services. She segued her position as an account manager into an account management position at Cobalt Group. There she managed the Lexus Dealer website program developing online tools, website enhancements, and was responsible for meeting account revenue goals.


After taking a sabbatical from work to raise her two beautiful children, Kathi returned to the marketing industry assisting iMarc with managing client social media programs and content development projects (including newsletters, blogs, Houzz accounts, website updates, etc.)


Kathi lives in Woodinville, WA surrounded by a fabulous loving family. She is raising a beautiful son and daughter—both teenagers, and two adorable ragdoll cats. Kathi enjoys cooking, entertaining, yoga, paddle boarding, working out, movie nights, traveling, and decorating.

Sherry Hardiman
Sherry Hardiman,
Graphic & Web Designer

Sherry Hardiman is the Owner and Creative Director at Sherry B. Design. Sherry designs websites, print materials and logos. Sherry also builds and maintains WordPress and Wix websites. She has worked in the graphic and web design industry since 1997. Sherry has experience working as an Art Director, Graphic and Web Designer, and Interactive Multimedia Specialist at small advertising agencies as well as larger corporations in upstate NY. After a decade working in the field, she started her own design business in 2007. She loves what she does and enjoys helping people achieve their marketing goals. Sherry is a good listener, a creative thinker, detail oriented and strives to make her clients happy. 

"Working with iMarc Consulting has been the highlight of my career," Sherry exclaims,  "Lauri Shoemake is wonderful to work with, she is kind, genuine and always goes above and beyond for her clients. She is a marketing guru and I have learned so much from her. I am happy to be a part of the iMarc team and could not ask for a better gig."

Sherry lives in Rochester, NY with her husband, two boys, two dogs and two cats. She enjoys kayaking, camping in the Adirondack mountains, illustrating children's books, fostering homeless kittens, and trying new food at local restaurants. 

Follow @SherryBDesign on Twitter, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Michael Spitz
Michael Spitz,
Content Strategist

"Everyone has a Super Power," smiles Spitz, "and mine is the ability to transform complex ideas and technical specifications into engaging stories that motivate people to take action."


Having known Lauri Shoemake for more than twelve years, Spitz is thrilled to share his expertise to help create iMarc content that powerfully resonates with diverse client targets across the country.


"Lauri is the consummate professional and perfectionist," admits Spitz, "so I need to approach every project with the level of commitment and creativity she expects and demands."


For over two decades, Spitz has developed major campaigns and spearheaded agency innovation, digital transformation, and emerging channels for diverse agencies and their clients.


Blending his unique expertise in design, communications, and technology, Spitz is a prolific presenter, writer, blogger, and editor in fields ranging from healthcare to architecture to advocacy.


"If you love what you do, then you never have to work another day in your life," beams Spitz, "and I love to work with Lauri! We're confident the results show our joy in creating great content."


Follow @SpitzStrategy on Twitter, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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