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Design Build

iMarc Helps MainStreet Control and Manage Their Growth


When MainStreet Design Build came to iMarc in August 2012, they were working with a marketing consultant already. The owners struggled with spending too much time on editing and managing their marketing campaigns. MainStreet also struggled with penetrating affluent, target neighborhoods and securing larger-sized contracts. 


iMarc started working with MainStreet to position and rebrand their company in early 2013.  The Birmingham, MI-based, award-winning, luxury design-build firm dramatically improved their lead quality in the following year and hit their $2.5 million revenue goal. Each year since then, we have worked collaboratively together to measure and analyze results, make calculated adjustments, and continue to grow MainStreet thoughtfully and intentionally. 

Buyer-insight driven tactics were implemented to fit a 2 – 3% marketing budget and tied to targeted job site radius mailings, SEO, digital marketing campaigns, seminar promotions, advertising on, etc.



A Timeline of MainStreet Marketing Successes

2012—iMarc starts working with MainStreet in August

2013—iMarc develops marketing plan and rebranding strategy

2014—MainStreet achieves $2.5 M revenue goal and improved lead quality 

2015—MainStreet lands its first $1.5 million project in an ideal target neighborhood

2016—MainStreet projects are booked 6 months out

2017—MainStreet introduces automated lead tracking

2018—MainStreet achieves $3.5M revenue goal

2019—MainStreet achieves $4M revenue goal

2020—MainStreet is on target to achieve $5M revenue goal and hires a new sales person



Portfolio of Work

“We met Lauri Cook just as the world was coming out of the 2008/9 recession.  MainStreet had just celebrated our 20th anniversary and our brand had a loyal following, but was feeling a bit outdated.  iMarc Consulting was referred to us from colleagues across the country working with a “dynamic” young consultant.  Dynamic, she was!  Lauri Cook challenged us to do the research and invest in a complete brand update and overhaul.  It was a big undertaking and she was there to guide our team through the whole process, not only recreating MainStreet Restorations & Remodeling, Inc. into MainStreet Design Build, but creating a whole new presence on the web, in print and locally with our entire client base.  It’s hard to imagine where we would be without that update and “kick in the pants” to keep our brand current and moving forward.  That is what Lauri has constantly done for us.  As we approach our 30 year anniversary this September, we will be forever grateful to have crossed paths with this marketing wizard that has now dedicated a large part of her business to our field of expertise.  We are grateful to work with Lauri and her team and look forward to her marketing insight and guidance on our next 30 years!”



— Christine Ramaekers, Vice President MainStreet Design Build

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